Fort Seward Interpretive Center
Welcome to the Fort Seward Museum. Stop by and visit with the friendly staff, and step back in time.

See how the fort served the people of Jamestown from June 3rd, 1872 to September 30th, 1877.
View the wide expanse that once housed an active Fort during the earliest days of the settlement of the valley.

See a scale model of the entire fort site, and enjoy artifacts found at the site

Fort Seward, during it's short life, initially provided protection for the 500 railroad workers building the Northern Pacific railroad.
After the railroad construction stalled in Bismarck a year later, Fort Seward stabilized the region by aiding US marshals with law enforcement, keeping telegraph lines open, acting as a mail transfer point, and protecting cattle herds en route to the Missouri River.

When the fort was abandoned, it was dismantled and transported to Fort Totten, 81 miles North of Jamestown
The Fort's brief history provides some colorful stories. One story tells of some soliders who were court martialed for shelling the local tavern's outhouse. It seems they were a little upset about being sent back to camp by the tavern's owner before they were ready to leave. The episode is sometimes "re-enacted by Fort Seward's 20th Infantry living history actors.
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Two Companies from Custer's 7th cavalry also camped just across the James River for three weeks on their demise at the Little Big Horn. Read about Charles W. Cole. A solider at the fort

In the summer
archeological digs have taken place at the fort site. Artifacts are on display at the museum.
Ft Seward is located at 605 10th Ave NW, Jamestown, ND 58401
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