7th Year of the Trans Am restoration
Here's where I left you on the earlier page. This is the 7th Year of a 10 year restoration. As you Can see, I have every kind of part on this Trans Am to make it whole. I call it my "One Piece at at Time" car. Check out the pictures of how far I have come in the last four  years. I know....pretty slow.
Well here it is! Just last week I had the front fenders fixed. Folks never think you can do this unless you know what your doing...... I thought I did. This is way over my head.
New everything! Rear Quarters, Glass, Wheel Well, Springs, Exhaust, Trunk Extentions. The Front fenders are used & were just repaired. The Dash & buckets are from a 1980 Firebird. You can't see it but someone had a sun roof in this car. I will replace the roof.
Here are some extra shots of the car. The engine a 400 CI is out of a 78 Trans Am we chopped up the car in the garage. The interior is last as always so far the dash and one bucket is in for driving purposes.
Here's the nose of the car, off another firebird in the salvage yard. The hood and engine scoop courtesy of Ebay. The front valance I purchased off the internet It is a box waiting it's turn. The other shot shows the backend of the TA. I have to make the rear valance. A fellow at www.classicalpontiac.com send me the drawing to make one....Wish me luck! Rear tail lights out of a bus at the salvage yard. The bus is full of tail lights. The big picture up above show the car and a shelf above it with 4 Honeycomb mag wheel from this same salvage yard. Sorry the yard is closed now. Leaning on the back of the car is the hood. It get worked on next.
Here's Year 8 Enjoy!