10 Year Restoration of a (Clone) Trans Am
by Thomas Ravely
After 7 years of working weekends and now everyother weekend, The Trans am has reached the bodywork stage. The pictures you see below are of year 3. Very soon I will update the progress of the Trans Am. Here are the results of our weekend of fun during the third year. We cut out the driver side rear quarter panel. Replaced the wheel well and the trunk drop.
Picture #1 shows the panels, and  dogleg being cut out for the new panels
Picture #2  Harlan removes the old trunk drop
Picture #4 shows Harlan welding the wheelwell and the new trunk drop has
been welded.  Harlan did a great job!
Picture #3 Here is a close up of the Wheel well in but no Dogleg yet.
Picture #5  Here's what it looks like with everything in except the new Dogleg.
Picture #6  Shows Harlan welding in the new Dogleg. No Catalog offers these parts so they came from a 76 firebird. :(
Picture #7  Yes that is me in the Hometime shirt. I held the quarter skin in place as Harlan welded it in place.
Picture #8  Here is the finished pieces in place, now it is up to me to sand and  do the finishing bodywork so we can prime and paint the car. Stay tuned for pictures of the next side of the car...... It took three more years til the other side was completed. Pictures to come.......To see the updated work on the Trans Am Click here
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