This page is dedicated to the Second Generation of Trans Am
This is a picture of my 1st Trans Am. Purchased in Peoria Illinois,in 1984, for the sum of $300 (no engine,tranny,and damage to the body)
By 1986, the same TA was finished (455, turbo 400, 3.73 gears, Buc. Red, honeycomb rims, & even an Eight track players!) This car was sold in Minnepolis, Minnesota. 20 years later, I am searching for this car again!!!! If you know of someone that may have this VIN#2V8713N125841, please email me right away (
My brother was one of the Lucky ones! He purchased a 1973 Trans Am from Birginal Motors,the pontiac dealer in Rhinelander WI, they sold it out from under him So the dealer ordered another one and it was a SD455. As a kid of 13, I would dreamed of it, as it sat parked in my parents garage. (My brother was in the Marines in San Dieago, CA). The final year of service, my brother took the SD455 TA back with him to San Diego from Minneapolis AND SOLD IT!!!!!! so if any of you own or know someone who obtained a SD455 this way Drop Me An E-mail. Sorry no VIN# on this one. The car was purchased at Birginal Motors in Rhinelander Wisconsin. Birginal is no longer in business. Here are pictures of my newest TA, yes another Red TA. I am restoring a 71 Firebird into a clone of a 73 Trans Am. I know I am cheating, but I can not afford $5,000 to buy a real one in as good as shape as my first one. This car will be my daily driver. Only myself and the Trans Am expert will know the difference.
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