1999 or 2000
First Year at a Car Show
This weekend, the car finally made it into paint. Since my last posting, the car has had two trips to the body shop. The First trip, the bodyman took way to many short cuts.

When my painter saw the short cuts, he offered to fix them correctly. I had just sold my snowmobile and there went the money from that.

The Car is now correct except for one fender,which is welded on the bottom. One bolt is in and the other one is welded on. There is also a patch panel on this fender, which I supplied him brand new and he placed it over the fender. He did not replace the bad section. So I will have to see if I can find another fender to replace that one.

That fender is sticking out a little bit, not much. But some people will be able to see it.
Nine Years and about $9,000 into it so far. I will never build another one from the junk yard. It's just way too much work. I still have the interior and small things on the body to finish.

To remind you this is a 1971 Firebird Espirit, that was dragged home in the winter of 1998 and thru the years and parts from everywhere, it turned into a clone 1973 Trans Am.Click here for the Ten and Final Year! .