James Valley Street Machines

Our next big event before the summer activities is going to be April 13th.
This is our season opener. This year we will have a 50’s theme costume party,
hop dance and limbo party at the Jamestown Elks Club. Last year, our season opener was a 40’s theme whereas we had over 100 people in attendance and it was a complete blast!
On other business, we have completed our Board of Directors by adding Neil Baker,Justinwe only had Larry Gilge as a Director with Tom Ravely, Craig Gaier and myself doing dual roles, but the James Valley Street Machines, I’m very proud to say has grown to the point where we have a large member pool to draw on. Thank you very much Neil, Justin, Randy and Larry for helping. We are growing and we’re loving it.
James Valley Street Machines
Club Meetings will be
held the third week
of each month.
Locations to be announced.

Dues are only $25 per year. Just click the link above listed Application to join.
If your club is having
a car show this
summer, drop us a
line and we'll post it
here for everyone to see.

Check out the listing
month on
The Rumbler
Five years ago the team at Don Wilhelm started a tradition at Wilhelm in Jamestown.
A fall car show at the dealership. It was a hit with over 150 cars from around
North Dakota.

Watch for the 6th Annual Fall Car Show.
The Rumbler in the past had a great following, and continues with JVSM.

The James Valley Street Machines is Now Glossy with Thousands reading us monthly.

If you would like to take part in sponsoring an ad in The Rumbler, drop us an email.
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